As foreseen by TrainIoT project a pilot testing of the educational tools and kits has been implemented at “IISS Ferraris-Pancaldo” in Savona, and at ISIT Bassi-Burgatti in Cento, institutes of the Consortium CIP, in Italy. The activity took place during the months of April and June 2019. Classes of the second year of the ITI’s common biennium were involved, for a total of about 100 students.

The classes have a parallel didactic path during the hours of curricular lessons of the course of Applied Sciences and Technologies. The students of each class were grouped into groups and worked for about 30 training hours. For the experimentation, 5 HomeLab kits from the Tallin University of Technology were used together with 5 Arduino Uno and 3 Raspberry Pi 3 B+ kits from the Institute’s electronics laboratories. The didactic modules have been designed with exercises of increasing complexity to allow the gradual familiarization with the concepts of Internet of Things IoT. Students started with programming the Arduino controllers and the WeMos D1 controllers and connecting them to the HomeLab kit sensors.

Then they became familiar with the connection of the different controllers via the Wi-Fi network and on this with the use of the MQTT protocol for the connection between controllers and computers and controllers and smartphones and controllers. The interest shown by the students was very high as well as the appreciation expressed by them for the activities carried out. Although the communication procedures for the IoT have been simplified as much as possible, also providing ready-made Wi-Fi and MQTT connection diagrams, the students have been able to compare and recognize in the activities carried out the fundamental basis of the use of the IoT in the functioning of the devices used in everyday life.