Getting started with the App

The iOS App developed by the TrainIoT consortium works together with a tomcat server and mqtt protocol running on the raspberry working as broker system. First setup your environment. We chose a kit consisting of

  • 1 Router
  • 1 Raspberry Pi 3B
  • 2 IPhones
  • 1 ESP module
    • LEDs
    • Actuators

For a visualization of such a setup you can watch the following video made with the kit described above.

Application Interface

The interface of the Application is designed to be as simple as possible, so that everyone is able to is it. As first Example you can just navigate a little in the application and test out functions with your configured setup. Use the following clip for reference to see what you could test out.

Setup New Screen for Device

With the application you can add new screens for devices or clients added to the MQTT network. Add a new screen like a second iPhone as client using the button to add a new screen. Choose your device with which the screen should be connected to and try out the buttons and sliders on the screen. With the following video you can see how such a screen can be added.

Web Interface Tomcat Server

To manage the users and devices with their components in a simple way we developed a web interface for teachers. After logging in it is possible to create new users and devices that should be part of the MQTT network. If you have any problems with the Interface you can watch the video below. Here you can see which functions are included in this web interface.