The project is addressing the EU objective VET: Enhancing access to training and qualifications for all through the C-VET and horizontal objective Open and innovative education, training and youth work, embedded in the digital era.

Research around Europe and our consortium experiences have shown that practicing teachers in VET organizations are not applying emerging technologies like Internet of Things, Cloud computing or remote robotics in their study process. Furthermore, in most VET organization teachers are even not familiar with these technologies. In the other hand this sector advances very fast and it is argued that next big leap in ICT is a merge of electronics / electrical devices and cloud computing which is know as Internet of Things concept. Europe faces drastic loss of expertise and skill in the future in global market if these technologies are not applied into VET school programs as soon as possible.

However a teacher as a key persons for starting to educate today’s students don’t has good resources suitable for schools to start this process. The main objective of TrainIoT is to provide a complete kit for VET schools.

The project idea is to offer an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) teaching and learning package for vocational education incorporated with teacher trainings modules and an open broker platform.

Overall objectives of the project are as followings:

  • Provide easy-to-use and easy-to-teach modular IoT kits for VET schools scaling also higher educational institutions
  • Offering an open IoT broker platform that can be hosted on premise. To this platform IoT components and web based services can be registered too, offering simple chains of conditional statements controlling other registered components / services
  • increasing the involvement of VET schools in emerging technologies by providing teachers training (blended learning through MooCs and presence) in IoT
  • Providing open learning material for IoT education in class


The project implementation is carried out by following activities:

  • Research and analyse existing platforms, IoT trends and perspective solutions including other EU activities and project outcomes
  • Research and analysis of current situation and curricula in VET schools in terms of emerging technologies, like IoT solutions
  • Develop the complete hardware and software solution suitable for VET organizations
  • Develop unified teacher training curriculum module applicable for different countries in EU
  • Develop teaching and learning methodology and material as a open MOOCs course accessible by any interested individual or organization
  • Create a strategic partnership between universities, VET schools and companies

The overall project is organized by an IPMA and Scrum certified project manager and the methodologies for implementing the project are Scrum for the software and VDI2206 for the hardware parts.

Project consortium is carefully built up based on existing successful cooperation and to meet project objectives by covering all major areas of strategic partnership between different organizations. The partners and their main responsibilities are:

  • Bochum UAS: Coordination, IoT MOOC, IoT broker system
  • it:matters: Cordination and IoT broker development, open education
  • ITT Group: IoT hardware development and interfacing
  • Tallinn UT: VET training curriculum module,
  • Web Application Development: IoT broker system
  • Consorzio Istituti Professionali: Pilot the IoT teaching package and providing feedback
  • Glocal Factory: Dissemination and network building

The project will have a huge impact on how IoT can be anchored in VET giving opportunities to work with emerging technologies while they are still higher educational topics.
This will result in increased employability of VET students, Improvement of foreign language proficiency (IoT is dealing most likely with English), and significant better results in maths and science.